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Our Success With Georgia Child Injury Cases

Over the last few years alone, Andy has recovered millions of dollars for victims of: car and truck accidents, drunk and impaired driving collisions, day care negligence, dog attacks, dangerous properties, defective children’s products, and more.









M.F. $2,000,000.00 (Drowning Death of Special Needs Client)
Our client was the mother of a mentally disabled man with the intellect of a teenager. He lived at an apartment complex in Georgia where the residents had their own housing units and had access to amenities, including a swimming pool. Our client had a known seizure disorder. Unfortunately, while walking in the shallow water of the pool, he suffered a seizure and remained under water. The Defendant employees were not properly supervising the pool and did not timely pull him from the water. The highest offer from the Defendants to resolve the case was $50,000.00. The Defendants believed that they could convince the jury that no supervision was owed because the decedent was high functioning. The Defendants also argued that he suffered a fatal cardiac event in the pool and did not drown. The jury in the State Court of Fulton County, Atlanta, Georgia, returned a $2,000,000.00 verdict for our client.

C.C. $1,600,000.00 (Commercial Vehicle Wreck / Leg Fractures)
Our client was a special needs man with the mental “age” of an elementary school student. He sustained severe leg injuries as a result of a rear-end collision caused by the driver of a commercial truck south of Atlanta. The client underwent multiple surgeries because of his injuries and was confined to a wheelchair for an extended time. We filed and aggressively litigated this case until it was ready for trial. The case settled at mediation, after we deposed the truck driver, corporate representative, responding police officer, scene witnesses, and our client’s surgeons.

B.O. – $300,000 (Burn injuries / Homeowner Negligence)
We represented a middle school girl who suffered serious burn injuries over much of her body as a result of a homeowner’s negligent supervision of a bonfire in his backyard. The child sustained burns to her legs, arms, and, stomach because children attending the bonfire were left unattended with access to gasoline. We were able to convince the homeowners’ insurance company, USAA, to tender the policy limits without the need to file a lawsuit.

K. S. Insurance Policy Limits (Drunk driving / Car wreck)
We represented a high school girl who was seriously injured when a drunk driver struck her car. The child suffered major leg injuries, requiring surgeries and continuing care. We were able to find multiple applicable insurance policies and a substantial Medical Payments (“MedPay”) policy.

N.H. Insurance Policy Limits (Infant with head injury / Car wreck)
We represented a minor child and his brother in connection with a severe automobile collision in Milledgeville, Baldwin County, Georgia that was caused by a college student who failed to stop at a stop sign. Through the use of a structured settlement, we secured enough money to pay for his college education, while leaving sufficient funds for any future healthcare the child needed.

T.M. Insurance Policy Limits (Car Accident / Death of a student).
This tragic case received substantial media coverage. Our client was driving two of his friends to school when another motorist pulled his car out into the roadway, in front of our client, causing a catastrophic collision.

E.H. Insurance Policy Limits (Drunk driving / Car wreck)
Our client, a minor, suffered a skull fracture and permanent loss of hearing in his ear as a result of a wreck caused by his friend’s drunk driving. Our client was as a passenger in the car.

N.C. Confidential Settlement (Dog attack / Facial Scarring)
Our child injury law firm represented a five-year-old Georgia boy who was attacked by a large bullmastiff dog while his family was visiting friends in Maine. The child suffered severe facial wounds, resulting in surgery. Through investigation, we were able to show that the dog had attacked a number people previously, including its owner. We secured sworn statements and other documents proving that this dog should not have been allowed around anyone, particularly small children. The result that our law firm secured is thought to be one of the largest dog attack settlements in the history of the State of Maine.

C.B. Insurance Policy Limits (Dog Attack / Facial Scarring)
Our Atlanta child injury law firm represented a young boy who was attacked by a dog in Banks County, Georgia. The injuries to the child’s face required surgery and continuing care. Through investigation of the at-fault dog owner, we were able to locate witnesses who confirmed that the dog was dangerous, known to be aggressive, and had attacked other children before our client.

R.V. Confidential Settlement (Psychiatric Facility Attack)
Our client, a minor, was an in-patient at a psychiatric facility in middle Georgia. While bathing, he was beaten up by two other residents of the facility. Our client suffered a broken jaw, requiring surgery, as a result of the attack. During discovery, we were able to show that the facility was not compliant with its own rules and regulations pertaining to supervision of the children-residents.

B.H. Confidential Settlement (Escalator Malfunction)
Our client, a student, was injured when a MARTA escalator failed and collapsed. Numerous people were injured during the escalator collapse, resulting in widespread news coverage about the dangers of poor maintenance on escalators in Atlanta and around Georgia.

C.V. Confidential Settlement (Burn Injury / Day Care negligence)
Our client, an infant, was burned on his hands and feet when daycare workers let him crawl around a scalding sidewalk. The facility lied to the parents and told them that their child had simply fallen down; however, a pediatrician immediately diagnosed the injuries as burns. We were able to secure a sizeable settlement as a result of our investigation of the facility, which revealed other incidents where children were injured at the day care due to the employees’ negligence.

A.N. Confidential Settlement (IV Infiltrate / Hand injury to a newborn)
We represented the parents of a newborn undergoing IV therapy at a local Atlanta hospital. The child suffered a substantial hand as a result of an IV infiltration. We were able to show that the attending nurse failed to comply with the standard of care in monitoring the IV site, which lead to a substantial injury and scarring.

C.E. Confidential Settlement (Amusement Park Negligence)
Our client, a young girl, was knocked down during the opening of a local amusement park. She sustained severed injuries to her mouth, requiring multiple surgeries. We brought a claim against the amusement park and, through expert testimony, exposed their crowd control procedures as negligent and dangerous.

A.M. – $90,000 (Car accident / Broken shoulder requiring surgery)
Our client, an elementary school girl, was a passenger in a rollover collision. She required surgery on her shoulder as a result of injuries sustained in the wreck. Fortunately, she made a nice recovery. However, we were able to secure enough money to pay for her college education and provide for any future related medical expenses.

A.C. – $87,000 (Store negligence / Child Burn Injury)
Our client, a 3-year-old girl from Dunwoody, Dekalb County, suffered a serious facial burn at a kiosk at Perimeter Mall. The Defendant’s employee offered to demonstrate a curling iron on the child and did not handle it appropriately. Prior to a lawsuit being filed, the Defendants offered very little money to settle the case. The Defendants increased their offer by approximately three hundred percent just prior to our law firm deposing representatives of the at-fault company. We were able to show that the pay and bonus structure of the company encouraged their employees to “push” sales of the product, even on young children.

E.C. – $65,000 (Car accident)
Our client, a middle school child, and her family were returning to Atlanta, GA from vacationing in Florida. While driving near Montgomery, AL, another driver crossed over into the opposite lanes of travel and caused a catastrophic collision. The at-fault driver died at the scene and our investigation revealed that she did not have any automobile insurance. Our client only suffered abdominal bruising after being trapped in the car. However, we were able to show the insurance company examples of the child’s mental anguish, primarily the fear of traveling in cars because of this collision. While the at-fault driver did not have any insurance, we were able to identify a number of underinsured/uninsured motorist policies our client’s parents held with State Farm.

D.H. – $60,000 (Infant eye injury / Car Accident)
We represented a minor child and his brother in connection with a very serious automobile collision in Milledgeville, Georgia. The little boy was seriously injured, but made a remarkable recovery. Through the use of a structured settlement, we secured enough money to pay for his college education, while leaving enough money for any future related health issue.

E.J. – $50,000 (Child Burn Injury / Day Care Negligence)
Our client, an infant, was burned on the arm by scalding water at his day care. The hot water was negligently left within reach of the children in the facility. The child required emergent care, but he suffered no permanent injury.