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We routinely handle matters involving spine injuries.

Spine Injuries And Atlanta Children

Unfortunately, spinal injuries in Georgia children occur all too often and present in a variety of ways. These injuries can vary significantly in severity, from life altering paralysis to a short-term issue with complete recovery, and everywhere in between. Our Atlanta child injury law firm has handled numerous cases involving children who have suffered spinal injuries due to the negligence of others.

How can a spine injury occur in a child?

A spinal injury can occur any time the head, neck, or back experiences a trauma. Automobile injuries are the most common cause of childhood spinal injuries. Sports-related injuries are the second most common, closely followed by falls. We have seen children suffer spinal cord injuries from each of these categories, as well as while playing on daycare playgrounds, visiting amusement parks, or at “jump houses” and trampoline parks.

What is a spine injury?

  • a vertebra gets crushed against another vertebra (for example, in a fall from a significant height);
  • the spinal column suffers extreme bending (for example, in a whiplash type motion during a car crash); and,
  • the spinal cord gets twisted or rotated (for example, after any number of direct traumas to the body).

Signs and symptoms of a childhood spine injury:

Injuries to a child’s spine bring about a different set of challenges than the same injury may with an adult. This is due in large part to a child’s continuous growth and the ongoing changes to her anatomy. The human spine reaches approximate adult size by age 8 to 10. Thus, an initial medical analysis of these injuries often differs based on the age of the child.

Symptoms of a spinal cord injury can sometimes be difficult to discern. There can also be a variance in symptoms depending upon the age of the child and the injury location. Some traditional signs of a spinal cord injury in a child can include:


-limp or weak extremities;

-loss or reduction of motor functions below the area of the injury;

-tingling/burning/numbness sensations in extremities;

-general body weakness;

-lack of blood flow to certain parts of body;

-loss of control of bladder functions; or,

-swelling and pain in the area of the injury.

Another interesting concept with spinal cord injuries in children is what the medical field has termed “spinal cord injury without radiographic abnormality” (SCIWORA). This can be especially common in children under the age of 8. When this occurs, the spinal cord stretches beyond its normal range in the injury (which can lead to tears or contusions) but then returns to normal length and alignment. This can result in a lack of visual abnormality in the bones on certain diagnostic tests that are commonly administered after trauma to the head, neck, and back (for example an X-ray, CT, or MRI).

How to treat spinal cord injuries in children:

Treatment will differ depending on the severity and location of the injury. If there is an injury to the spine, but no disruption to the cord, treatment can often be effective with a collar or back brace and a reduction/restriction of activities until the injury has healed. In some cases, immobilization will be required to allow full healing and prevent any further chance of injury aggravation.

Children with more severe spine injuries are usually admitted to the ICU for proper monitoring of blood pressure, cardiovascular functions, neurovascular testing, and motor/sensory checks. Surgery may be an immediate option if there is compression from a clot, cord impairment, or disc that has been herniated or otherwise injured.

Psychological issues may also arise with children during the treatment and rehabilitation phase following a spinal cord injury. Children may suffer from depression, anxiety, social isolation, and fright after spine trauma and related treatment. Parents may also experience similar psychological problems, given the familial stress present when caring for a catastrophically injured child. These issues cannot be ignored and treatment of psychological problems must be a part of the overall care plan. We work with child psychologists in Georgia who are trained to help children cope with the emotional and psychological trauma of a spinal injury.

What Damages are Available to a Child After a Spinal Cord Injury?

Just like an adult, a child may claim damages related to his or pain and suffering (mental and physical), disfigurement (scarring, changes in gait) and other types of general damages that impact one’s loss of enjoyment of life.

Children under the age of 18 are not responsible for their own medical expenses under the law—their parents are legally responsible for medical bills. Once the child turns 18 years old, they become responsible for their own medical bills. Spinal injuries can result in long term care extending far past the age of majority (18). Thus, a child could be responsible for future treatment into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. We work closely with families to ensure that proper financial plans are put into place, considering each client’s unique needs and resources.

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