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Children Injured In Georgia
Deserve A Child Injury Lawyer

Personal injury claims involving children are different than cases where an adult has been injured. As such, an injured child deserves a child injury lawyer.


Why are Georgia child injury cases different than other types of claims? Children react to and manage trauma, both physical and emotional, in a far different way than adults. One simple example involving scarring to the arm will bring this truth to light. Assume an adult and a child have been in the same trucking collision, suffered the same arm fracture, undergone the same surgery, and have the same scar on their arm. This sounds like a situation involving two very, very similar situations, right? Wrong. First, the adult will be able to tolerate pain far better than most children. Next, the adult will understand what is needed of him with respect to surgery, rehabilitation, time off of work, and activity restriction. Further, the adult will not likely be bothered (at least too much) by a scar on his arm. Last, adult bones often heal differently than does a child’s.

Now, consider the child in the above example. First, children are often very susceptible to pain that might not bother an adult. Next, kids frequently have a hard time understanding exactly what on their body was injured and how. And, despite the best efforts of pediatricians and surgeons, injured children often do not comprehend activity restriction, absence from school, and the inability to play with friends for an extended period. Last, there are many studies and related articles which discuss the psychological trauma suffered by children with substantial scars. Why? A ten year old with scars visible to classmates, teachers, and friends will spend their entire childhood answering questions about how, why, and where they got the scar. Many children, if not most, are embarrassed and ashamed of things like scars, which set them apart from their classmates.

This one simple example helps to explain why children perceive, deal with, and recover from injury very differently than adults. What does that have to do with the legal system? Everything. Kids injured in Georgia need a law firm that understands how to litigate children’s injury claims, how to effectively present claims to insurance adjusters, and how to persuade local juries, if necessary. Our child injury law firm has spent years understanding children’s injuries, forging relationships with local physicians and surgeons who treat kids, and giving a voice to children who have been hurt due to the negligence of a person or company.

Are children’s injuries really different? Yes. Countless pages of medical and psychological literature show that children react to injuries differently, heal differently, and require a different approach to handling such injuries, both medical and legal. After all, kids go to pediatricians, pediatric orthopedic surgeons, and pediatric plastic surgeons. So, why should a child not be represented by a children’s injury lawyer? Our firm recognized this need years ago and, since then, we’ve spent each day fighting for seriously injured children and their families.

Do children have the same claims as adults when they are injured? No. Children under 18 years old may recover (through their parents or a guardian) their medical expenses to be incurred after 18 years of age and may recover for their physical and mental pain and suffering. The child’s parents may recover for the kid’s medical expenses necessary to treat the injury up until the child is 18.